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Camp site

The Maszoperia camp site has been well known to tourists for years, and is now at an advanced stage of modernization. We strive to meet expectations of demanding customers. All of the facilities at the camp are being fixed and renewed, like electrical installation, sanitary systems, etc.

The camp site area is 3 hectare, there is enough space to park 250 caravans (incl. parking spots for residents). About 30 showers and toilets ( additional toilet adapted for people with disabilities and a chemical toilet), and laundry.

Within the facilities you will find a grocery store ( 50 m2), a modern canteen ( over 100m2) and a restaurant (over 200m2).

The Maszoperia camp site has changed it's owner, but it doesn't mean we will change the whole lot. Maszoperia stays what it was, with it's unique atmosphere and years of tradition. Our objective was just to upgrade the camp site, using the experience gained by the previous crew. All we wanted to achieve was to meet the expectations of our customers, including the ones that have fell in love with Maszopera the way it was before.
We decided to raise the standards and to develop in many ways, but we can guarantee that the changes being made, repairs being undertaken and all the news won't take away it's old vibe.

Renovation works on the camp site are being made at full speed. We would like to reassure everyone that this will cause no negative consequences for our customers. There won't be any drastic increase in prices, any additional charge for using toilets or showers, etc. Our motto is to be as friendly to customer as possible. We just want to make sure that the conditions you find will meet your expectations in 100%.

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